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Information about Data-Handling Practices undertakes to make information available to you about the manner in which handles your data:

  • in general terms, in a readily accessible manner; and
  • in more specific terms, on request.

Where Your Data is disclosed to a contractor, undertakes to make information available to you on request about the manner in which's contractors handle your data. undertakes to ensure that the information provided is meaningful, and addresses your concerns.

You undertake:

  • not to seek such information for frivolous purposes, or unreasonably frequently; and
  • to accept that the disclosure of excessive detail may harm the security of Your Data and's business processes, and may harm's commercial interests.

Handling of Enquiries, General Concerns and Complaints

If you have enquiries, general concerns, or complaints about these Terms, or about's behaviour in relation to these Terms, you undertake:

  • to communicate them in the first instance:
    • to only;
    • in sufficient detail;
    • through a channel made available by for that purpose; undertakes:

  • to provide one or more channels for communications to, which are convenient to users;
  • to promptly provide acknowledgement of the receipt of communications, including the provision of a copy of the communication, the date and time it was registered, and's reference-code for the communication;
  • to promptly provide a response to the communication, in an appropriate and meaningful manner.

You further undertake to not pursue through any Regulator or the media:

  • until and unless has had a reasonable opportunity to respond to the initial communication; and
  • while and you remain are conducting a meaningful dialogue about the matter.

Enforcement declares that its undertakings in these Terms are intended to create obligations, and that those obligations are intended to be adheired to wihtin our company. CanShave agrees to adhier to these obligations in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of our incorporation.

Changes to These Privacy Undertakings undertakes:

  • not to materially change these Terms in a manner that reduces the protections for Your Data;
  • to take all possible steps to prevent any company that acquires this company or any of its relevant assets from materially changing the Terms applicable to Your Data in a manner that reduces the protections for Your Data;
  • where it is considering making changes to these Terms, or creating more specific Terms relating to specific services, to consult with appropriate representative and advocacy organisations;
  • where it makes changes to these Terms, to ensure that the differences between successive versions are readily accessible;
  • to maintain all prior versions of these Terms in such a manner that they are dated, and readily accessible.

User Agreement User Agreement:

  • By using our website in any capacity and or signing up to use any of the services of our website you are bound by the terms and conditions expressed in our user agreement
  • Click here to read our terms and user agreement

Definitions is a network marketing services website providing information and services to members of the site.

Your Data means data that is capable of being associated with you, whether or not it includes an explicit identifier such as your name or customer number. In particular, it encompasses all data that is capable of correlating with you.

Your Data does not refer to data that can no longer be associated with you. This includes aggregated data that does not and cannot identify the individuals whose data are included in the aggregation.

Conclusion is has created a safe and secure web browsing experience. Our website will allow you to get the resources and services you need while keeping any information you provide safe. We hope you get the most out of your visit and let others know about us. Thank you.



"Privacy Policy "

Privacy Statement

This document declares the undertakings by Can Shave Club in relation to its handling of Your Data.


Please Read This If You Would Like To Know More About Our Privacy Policy. We will not share any information you submit on this website with any other company. Any information you provide will only be used for the sole purpose of making contact with you such as in the case of sending you our newsletter. Our credit card area is secured by https secure PayPal encryption for your added security. Any information submitted to place an order is secure.

Data Collection

We undertake to protect any data you submit to us to the highest levels of security and confidenciality. In the process of using our website there are areas which will require you submit personal information. One example of this is if you sign up for our CanShave newsletter which gives you information on shaving tips, techniques and ideas on getting a great shave. To sign up for our newsletter requires you provide your name and email address. As you can see by this example undertakes to collect Your Data by means which are fair, legal, and transparent.

Data Security undertakes to store Your Data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorised access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity. undertakes to store Your Data only in jurisdictions where data protections are at least equivalent to those required under the OECD Guidelines. undertakes to transmit Your Data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorised access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity. undertakes to implement appropriate measures to ensure security of Your Data against inappropriate behaviour by's staff-members and contractors. These include:

  • training for staff in relation to privacy;
  • access control, to limit access to Your Data to those staff and contractors who have legitimate reasons to access it;
  • particularly in the case of sensitive data, audit trails of accesses, including the identities of staff and contractors accessing the data;
  • reminders to staff and contractors from time to time about the importance of data privacy, and the consequences of inappropriate behaviour;
  • declaration of appropriately strong sanctions that are to be applied in the event of inappropriate behaviour
  • clear communication of policies and sanctions; and
  • processes to audit, to investigate and to impose sanctions.

Data Use

Use refers to the application of Your Data by any part of, or any staff-member or contractor of in the course of their work. undertakes to use Your Data only for:

  • the purposes for which it was collected;
  • such other purposes as are subsequently agreed between and You; undertakes to use Your Data only if it has demonstrable relevance to the particular use to which it is being put. undertakes to use Your Data in such a manner as to take into account the possibility that it is not of sufficient quality for the purpose, e.g. because it is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, or out-of-context.

Data Disclosure

Disclosure refers to making Your Data available to any party other than and You. The term disclosure may include many different conditions of data transfer, including selling, renting, trading, sharing and giving. undertakes to disclose Your Data only under the following circumstances:

  • in the course of business being conducted between You and, where disclosure is necessary to a contractor, such as a merchant processing company. Where Your Data is securely disclosed in this way, undertakes to exercise control over's contractors to ensure that their actions are compliant with these Terms;
  • in other circumstances that are directly implied by the purpose agreed between You and at the time of data collection or subsequently. Where Your Data is disclosed in this way, undertakes to exercise control over's contractors to ensure that their actions are compliant with these Terms;
  • with your consent, or at your request;
  • where permitted by law provided that will apply due diligence to ensure that the exercise of the permission is justifiable.

In all cases, undertakes to disclose only such of Your Data as is necessary in the particular circumstances.

Data Retention and Destruction

Subject to the qualifications immediately below, undertakes:

  • to retain Your Data only as long as is consistent with its purpose; and
  • to destroy Your Data when its purpose has expired, and to do so in such a manner that Your Data is not subsequently capable of being recovered.

This undertaking is qualified as follows:

  • Your Data may be retained in's logs, backups and audit trails within short-term retention cycles that are devised to protect the company's operations. In such cases, Your Data will be destroyed in accordance with those cycles;

Access by You to Your Personal Data undertakes to provide you with access to Your Data, subject to only such conditions and processes as are reasonable in the circumstances. In particular, undertakes to enable access:

  • conveniently;
  • without unreasonable delay; and
  • without cost. undertakes to establish and operate identity authentication protections for access to Your Data that are appropriate to its sensitivity, but practical. This may involve some inconvenience; for example, relatively straightforward procedures may be involved in order to provide you with access through a channel that you have previously registered with (such as a particular email-address), but may impose more onerous procedures if you wish to use some other channel.

In the event that you dispute some aspect of Your Data, undertakes to take reasonable steps in relation to the amendment, supplementation or deletion of Your Data.

You undertake:

  • not to seek access for frivolous purposes, or unreasonably frequently;
  • to accept that deletion of some data may not be consistent with the provision of particular services by to you.



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