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"I love it! Showed 3 of my buddies, now I'm getting free blades in the mail. Just wish I found this 10 years ago!"
"...with my busy schedule I just wanted something that would be shipped regularly. solves my problem. I get my razors like clockwork!"
"...yes by the way I love your razors - they're definitely top quality. And I love the face that they're so much cheaper than those typical 5 blade razors you get at the store. Saves me a lot of money! I'm hooked, thanks guys!
"Excellent razor blade quality, I found it better than the popular 5 blade ones, which I was using before. These don't dull so quickly. Two weeks of shaving - the blades are still sharp!"
"Order just arrived, these are amazing! Ordered the 7 blade, it doesn't get any better! Just an excellent shave and I'm definitely going to tell some friends!!!!!"
"As from what I can see, the quality of the razors is just as good the standard expensive five blade ones. Can-Shave blades are sharp and excellent quality. Also this save me time in running around to always have to buy new blades. I give these an AAA+ rating!"
"I ordered your 7 blade razors. All perfectly as described. These things last forever it seems. The blade is still sharp 25 days later! I'll keep ordering, no problem!"
"I showed my husband your site and we realized that your prices were a lot less than the expensive ones we were getting from the drugstore. Thanks for saving us money and a lot of time too. I'm sure my sons might also be joining soon. Cheers."
"I can't help but give you a 10 out of 10 rating, because your blades are just as good as any store bought ones, at half the price. Great job!"
"It took a few months but now I have three people I know who joined. Now I'm getting my blades free. I like that offer you run, it's just a nice little perk that you can't find anywhere else. I'll definitely tell others too."
"The quality of shaving is the same as that of Schick, Gillette, Bic, and others I've tried. Also the blades are top quality, really one blade can last me a month easy. Two week-long beard, this razor destroyed within 10 minutes without a single cut and without skin irritation."
"My fiancee ordered your razors for me as a gift. Just wanted to say that I love your product! It's really good, far better than the cheap nasty razors I've used in the past. Oh thank goodness for the Can Shave Club. This is a real step up in my morning routine! EXCELLENT!"
"....This is an early review as I've only used this twice. Firstly the razor itself is a very top shelf quality, the last time I used a safety razor was when I was younger as I had got use to an electric razor. How time has improved this. The shave itself is very good and comfortable and I view shaving as actually a pleasure now, rather than something that just needs to be done. One thing I'm doing is sharing your site as I'm sure I can get a few people onboard. Sure, I'll take the free blades for life offer, why not, that sounds great! I'm confident recommending your product to anyone, now that I've tried it. This kind of quality isn't sold just anywhere that's for sure!"
"Can Shave ROCKS! If you're reading this, definitely try them out! You'll be amazed at the quality. Tell a few friends and then you get free blades, that's an amazing deal! You simply can't go wrong using Can Shave."


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Keep it simple with a basic precision shaver

2 stainless-steel blades

Aloe Vera strip moisturizes the skin

A shallow pivot head contours the face

Reliable; high quality, keeps it's edge

This razor just plain works!

FREE Economy International Shipping

3 Month Supply (19 pieces)

US $19.00
US $29.00

The last razor you’ll ever need

6 Stainless-steel blades

Wide, open-back for fast, easy rinse

Aloe Vera strip moisturizes the skin

Invigorating shave, at a fraction of the cost

You will love this razor; also makes a great gift!
FREE Economy International Shipping

3 Month Supply
(10 pieces)

US $29.00
US $49.00


The Ultimate in Luxury Shaving

7 stainless-steel blades

New! Trimmer edge built in

Aloe Vera strip moisturizes the skin

This is the ultimate shaving tool

Full 90-degree pivot head

FREE Economy International Shipping

3 Month Supply
(10 pieces)

US $49.00
US $69.00

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